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We are people specialists who are committed to building long-term partnerships between clients and prospects. We understand our business inside and out, and we create effective teams that make a difference all around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide impartial and timely recruiting services in both IT and crypto industries. We work with individual and corporate clients. Constantly aware of our ethical and social obligations to all stakeholders, we strive to establish ourselves as a reliable recruiting partner capable of delivering results in all functional positions and technologies, both in the IT field and in the crypto business.

  • Practical experience expected in managing and maintaining e-commerce websites / portals
  • Knowledge of e-commerce and fintech, crypto exchanges, including marketing tactics, product development, competition strategies, consumer research, industry trends and best practices for usability
  • Knowledge of multiple online selling platforms and tactics that can be applied to digital sales, crypto business, or website conversions
  • Experience with web design and a great eye for detail are required
  • Excellent communication and teamwork abilities
  • Analytical and multitasking abilities are required


We've worked hard to create a culture that we're proud of. Our standards are clear, and we stand by them

Unconventional and Proud of It

Rather than acting as a recruiting agency, we act as if we were our clients.We're eager for change, unafraid to dream big and take risks, and we love to celebrate our collective accomplishments.While recruiting is a serious business, we think it should also be enjoyable, and our culture and employees reflect this belief. We take pride in being a little different

Get Involved

We always challenge you to achieve new heights in your profession. Our culture will assist you in developing while keeping a work/life balance, so there will be nothing holding you back!

Native Digital

We are technology recruiting specialists because we enjoy technology. We like working with an industry that is continuously looking ahead, discovering new ways to accomplish things and improving on what has come before. We bring that spirit of innovation into our business, looking for new and better methods to assist our clients in identifying the greatest people at every stage of their development.

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